• About this item.
  • Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers.
  • World's Hottest Chili Pepper 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units.
  • Wicked Reaper.
  • Whole Dried Chili Peppers.
  • Hottest Spice Extreme Heat.
  • Imported from USA.
World's Hottest Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers Wicked Reaper These Carolina Reaper peppers are over 2.2 million Scoville Heat Units and the hold the world record for hottest pepper. 10 +2 free reaper chilies. A nice ripe chili pepper flavor coupled with the crispness and the lasting brutal heat of the carolina reaper chili pepper. Ingredients: 100% carolina reaper chili peppers Warning: Extreme heat. Do not use reaper if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Handle with care.

Wicked Reaper Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers World's Hottest Dried Spice 10 Pack +2 Free

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