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    Vagisan Intimate Wash Lotion 200ml For your personal hygiene in the intimate area Problems in the vulvar region can affect the vagina, and vice versa, so it is important to keep the skin of the external intimate area healthy. Above all, this means disturbing the protective acid mantle as little as possible, i.e. not stripping the skin of its lipids and maintaining the acidic pH at about 5. Sometimes all that is needed is to avoid harmful influences. Insufficient hygiene measures can encourage infection, but excessive cleansing can also be harmful for the entire vulvovaginal area. Vagisan Intimate Wash Lotion is an particularly gentle wash lotion for cleansing the external genital area. The mild cleansers clean the skin in this area effectively yet gently. Lactic acid ensures a skin-friendly pH value of around 5. Thus, when applied, the skin's natural acid mantle and protective environment are both maintained and saved. The added chamomile extract soothes the skin. Vagisan Intimate Wash Lotion helps to preserve the health of your intimate area. The wash lotion is very well tolerated and so is suitable for daily use to cleanse the external genital area - even with dry skin: for all age groups even during pregnancy also during treatment for vaginal infections How to Use Vagisan Intimate Wash Lotion is used like a shower gel or wash lotion: First moisten the area, then apply a peanut-sized amount of Vagisan Intimate Wash Lotion directly into your hand, onto a moistened flannel or disposable washcloth and distribute on the external vaginal area. Then rinse. If using cotton flannels, these should be washed regularly in hot water (60° C). In case of vaginal infection, use the cotton flannel one time only and then wash. Vagisan Intimate Wash Lotion in the bottle with the practical dispenser cap is very economical.

    VAGISAN Intimate Wash Lotion for Your Personal Hygiene